000 community pharmacies and employer worksite centers.

Watch A FRESH Level of resistance trailer and support this important project Those who understand how harmful glyphosate and Roundup really are also recognize that it’s incredibly important to spread the word to others. This is critical as rates of infertility especially, autism, and many other conditions associated with glyphosate exposure continue steadily to skyrocket with no final result in sight. By 2034, state some estimates, one atlanta divorce attorneys two children could have autism likely! This must stop, and A New Resistance can help make it work by educating people through film. Once released, the ultimate project will be free of charge for everyone without strings attached. But in order to get the film made, funds have to be raised still. Around this writing, the task has achieved $46,414 of its final objective of $50,000, so let’s help it through the ultimate stretch: Indiegogo.com..This means the Alzheimer’s epidemic is certainly reaching growing numbers of Vietnam veterans, as well as the older veterans of World War II and Korea. The younger veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars may be facing a fresh risk for the disorder. Thanks to modern medicine, several these vets possess survived head trauma that would have been fatal in previous eras. New evidence shows that some of these veterans’ accidental injuries could also put them at elevated risk for Alzheimer’s disease later on. ‘It’s very clear that traumatic brain injury is an important and sorely understudied subject with very clear implications from the sports activities arena to the battlefield,’ said Eakin..