A rising-star among Maryland biotechs.

Nurturing and supporting innovators early on is a good investment. The university’s focus of technological, business and economic expertise can make the critical difference for Maryland business owners and innovators wanting to turn a shiny idea into a thriving business that can benefit many. Martek made its mark by creating a process for creating DHA from microbial algae. It says its sustainable, vegetarian DHA is currently widely used in products such as infant formula – in 99 % of formulation offered in the U.S. The company acknowledges Mtech’s vital function in the company’s success.Green, MD, MPH, a medical geneticist at Brigham and Women's Medical center , outlines for the first time a minimum list of genetic circumstances, genes and variants that laboratories executing clinical sequencing should seek and are accountable to the physicians that ordered the testing – – regardless of the original factors for which the test was ordered. If, as expected, these recommendations are followed by clinicians and laboratories, they shall have important implications, said Green, who co-chaired the ACMG Functioning Group that developed the recommendations also. As medical sequencing becomes more widespread, laboratories are searching for help with how and what should be communicated to clinicians when results are analyzed. These suggestions will allow a small %age of families to learn unexpected but possibly life-saving information about an illness they could have never suspected they were at risk for.