About Campfires and Health 2.

Concerns about self-diagnosis, self-medication and privacy cannot be ignored, but the best way to address them is definitely education, not censorship. Who will be another health gurus? Recently, we’ve participated in a health 2.0 tweetup in which an interesting topic was discussed – if any particular approach is necessary for social media in medical sector. An even more interesting question was raised though even, and I would like to dedicate this post to it: will our health luminaries become the brightest or the fastest to tweet? History tells us that a lot of paradigm shifts were encircled by criticism and backed by only a small number of early adopters.Patients who hadn’t received chemotherapy underwent randomization within 12 weeks after definitive surgery. Patients who received chemotherapy before randomization and remained premenopausal had been enrolled within 8 weeks after completing chemotherapy, once a premenopausal estradiol level was verified by an area laboratory. Patients were allowed to receive adjuvant oral endocrine therapy before randomization. Study Design Ladies were randomly assigned to receive oral tamoxifen in a dose of 20 mg daily, ovarian plus tamoxifen suppression, or oral exemestane in a dose of 25 mg daily as well as ovarian suppression. Treatment was for 5 years from the date of randomization, based on the study protocol, offered by NEJM.org.