CA 19-9 is a tumor-connected antigen which is definitely elevated in pancreatic cancers.

The study group led by Dr Oya Uygur-Bayramicli from Istanbul examined 76 type 2 diabetics and matched them with control subjects of the same age group and gender in order to get dependable comparisons. Ca 19-9 levels were statistically considerably higher in the diabetic group but there was no case of pancreatic malignancy in that group, which was confirmed with the help of abdominal CT. One conclusion reported by the experts is that diabetes could be accepted as the last stage of chronic pancreatitis with the brand new developing ideas of pathogenesis and that the elevation of Ca 19-9 is due to chronic pancreatitis rather than to pancreatic malignancy.The findings were published recently in the International Journal of Obesity.

ADHD development in kids linked to use of acetaminophen during pregnancy Women that are pregnant who take the painkiller drug acetaminophen, known even more by the brand name Tylenol popularly, are much more likely than pregnant women not taking the popular pharmaceutical to bear kids with severe attention deficit hyperactivity disorder , claims a fresh study out of Denmark published in JAMA Pediatrics. For the first time since acetaminophen was granted acceptance back in the 1950s, experts have linked the medication, which can be used during pregnancy for pain administration and fever reduction commonly, to causing a class of behavioral disorders to which young people are increasingly succumbing.