Christine Rawlings.

We were concerned that the more intensive therapy, particularly when provided after neoadjuvant chemotherapy, would bring about impaired late bladder function. However, past due toxicity, as measured with the use of LENT/SOM and RTOG scales, showed no significant upsurge in the chemoradiotherapy group. Similarly, we were not able to detect any significant aftereffect of chemoradiotherapy on bladder volume.2,13 Fluorouracil and mitomycin C are recognized to radiosensitize tumors but wouldn’t normally be expected to possess significant activity on systemic disease at the dosage and routine tested.Becoming completely free of acne scars that curently have been formed depends on a couple of things : 1) The severity of the scarring and 2) the procedure method you follow. The more serious the scarring, the more commitment it may require prior to the scar can heal completely. Treatment methods for acne scars There are several methods to heal acne scars but in practice very few of these might be very effective. And some methods may have side effects that you may desire to be alert to before you begin such a program. Laser Resurfacing: A skin tightening and laser burns apart the damaged skin, level by coating. The depth of penetration is usually controlled. As the outer layers of damaged skin is eliminated, new epidermis cells begin to create as the healing process starts and in a few weeks, a younger looking smoother skin surface area begins to appear.