Dislocation of a gastrostomy tube can lead to serious complications.

Acute cholangitis and pancreatitis Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy is normally considered to be safe with a minimal rate of severe complications. However, dislocation of a gastrostomy tube can lead to serious complications. The entire case report article describes an individual who presented to Dr. Imamura of Aichi Medical University Hospital. It had been published on October 21 in the World Journal of Gastroenterology. An 86-year-old girl with gastrostomy tube feeding sometimes vomited and complained of abdominal tenderness after her family doctor changed the tube.The 34-web page document, issued jointly by Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah and Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa, alleges that the White Home prevented the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Providers from meeting web development deadlines by delaying decisions on related rules . Related StoriesReducing medical center readmissions through Transitional Treatment: an interview with Rani KhetarpalHealthcare technology sociable event of the year opens entriesRE.WORK showcases potential technology and innovations in deep learning softwareThe NY Occasions: G.A.O. Tech Chief Says Washington Should Begin Small On Big Projects At a Senate hearing the other day, David A. Powner, it director at the nationwide government Accountability Office, said 183 of 759 federal technology contracts, worth about $10 billion, were at risk of failing before completion.