Everyone knows that breastfeeding may be the best method for a wholesome baby.

Pain takes place when the nipples possess various problems like cracks and soreness. Every female individual has various kinds of nipples and handful of them are like smooth and the other is irregular designs. It needs to become erect to feed their babies with milk. Females having flat or irregular form of nipples are you don’t need to worry now. There are numerous nipple shields exist available on the market that can help giving you the right form and help your baby to suck the milk easily. Using breast shields is mainly recommended by doctors because of their patients. If a woman is suffering to breastfeed her baby with the present status of nipples, gynecologists shall sure prescribe her to employ a shield to feed her baby., Coordinator, Prevention in the Health Sector, Section of F and HIV/AIDS. Amolo Okero , Technical Officer, Division of HIV/Helps. Present at the UNAIDS meeting had been Barbara de Zalduondo , Chief of Programmatic Priorities Support, Evidence, Monitoring and Policy Department; Michael Bartos , Chief, Prevention, Support and Care and Karusa Kiragu , Senior Prevention Advisor. AHF appreciates this opportunity to meet with representatives from WHO and UNAIDS and we are pleased that our concerns regarding the necessity for updated treatment recommendations and fresh HIV testing and prevention models are being heard, stated Dr.