Family caregivers are upgrading to the plate to greatly help loved ones in need.

Caregivers also frequently have a problem with health care expenses and medical debt–and experience chronic stress. Even less noticed is the emotional and physical toll caregiving can take. The AARP report makes several recommendations to aid caregivers, including adopting family friendly workplace plans; assessing caregivers’ needs and offering them with needed supports; expanding financing for the National Family members Caregiver Support System and the Lifespan Respite Treatment Act; and supporting family members caregivers in chronic treatment coordination programs and care transitions..Following surgery, the patients had improved on many measures, including psychological and sleep problems, the study found. The hyperlink between obstructive sleep apnea and chronic sinus problems is unclear, said Alt, but might include changes in just how air flows through the nose and airways, or how rest affects the body’s ability to manage infection. Peter Fotinakes, a sleep and neurologist disorders specialist at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, Calif., who reviewed the study’s findings, comes with an basic idea of the way the two conditions might intersect. When we’re asleep, we choose to breathe through our noses, Fotinakes said. When we can’t, we open our mouth to breathe, and when you open your mouth, it sets your tongue free of charge.