Following authorization by the FDA of the IND.

Adamis submits APC-100 IND to FDA for treatment of prostate cancer Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation announced today that it has submitted to the FDA an Investigational New Drug application for APC-100 to take care of prostate tumor . Following authorization by the FDA of the IND, Adamis plans to begin Phase 1/2a medical studies with APC-100 in men with castrate resistant prostate cancers click here . Each affected person will become assessed for toxicity, biochemical responses , clinical and radiographic responses. The study will start at the University of Wisconsin Carbone Tumor Center and then extend to Wayne State University Karmanos Malignancy Institute.

The ‘addictiveness’ of a medication relates to how highly the drug activates the reward circuits in the brain. For example, when the methamphetamine on the street is purer , then the number of first-time drug users who become medication abusers is higher. Addictive behaviors or substances modification the reward circuits in the mind. In other terms, the mind responds to the addictive element just as that it responds to very pleasurable encounters. This explains, in an over-all sense, why people with addictions sometimes forsake all other life activities and obligations and also their own health in search of the addictive substance.. Addiction Causes Addiction or drug abuse is a complex mind disease. A person with an addiction encounters cravings that persist in the face of extremely adverse consequences even.