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Eleven studies are on screen, discussing an array of topics, including lipid fat burning capacity pathways in the stratum corneum, pores and skin elasticity and male shaving regimens. This year, P&G Beauty & Grooming is presenting a diverse study portfolio covering topics such as for example female and male skin condition, whole body anti-aging skin and treatments care genomics, said Emma Kohring, Global Director, P&G Beauty & Grooming Science. The 2010 American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting is the ideal venue for P&G Beauty & Grooming scientists to talk about their analysis and discuss the findings with leaders in the world of dermatology.Last January, initial results of a report called ENHANCE demonstrated Vytorin was no better than Zocor at reducing plaque buildup in neck arteries — indicating Zetia gave no added advantage over Zocor. That led many prominent doctors to desire individuals to abandon Vytorin in favor of older cholesterol medicines with a longer track record. Product sales of both Vytorin and Zetia began falling almost consequently immediately. On Thursday, FDA said it experienced completed its review of the final report on the analysis. The agency said results showed that after 2 yrs of treatment, even though there was no difference in the thickness of plaque in the carotid artery in individual organizations that got either Vytorin or Zocor, there was a big change in cholesterol levels.