Its also no secret that many booze-heavy movies are geared toward a younger audience.

‘A lot of family members sit around and watch movies collectively, but it’s uncommon to allow them to discuss stuff,’ Sargent says. ‘You need to teach them to be skeptical of what they see.’ If a recent CDC reportis any indication, a few of these teens may grow up to drink more. A 2012 study found 38 million U.S. Adults binge beverage, and college-age Us citizens were found to beverage an average of nine drinks when they bing. Binge drinking can lead to 54 health threats, the CDC says, including liver disease, injuries, car crashes, and sexually transmitted diseases. The CDC has more on teen drinking.The AES provides more than $800,000 to support study training grants for clinicians, study grants and pre – and post-doctoral study and teaching fellowships. Each full year, AES clinical and simple technology fellowship awardees are chosen for their novel approaches to epilepsy treatment and research improvements that can help result in new therapies and increase the knowledge of epilepsy. ‘Providing early-career awards is certainly central to the mission of AES,’ stated Elson Therefore, M.D., AES president. ‘As our Society functions to deepen understanding of the underlying mechanisms of epilepsy and stimulate innovations and new developments in epilepsy treatment, it is critical that we help another generation of epilepsy study leaders to start and establish their careers.’ ‘This is a strong group of awardees, each of whom provides new tips and advanced science to help increase our understanding of epilepsy,’ said Kimford Meador,M.D., chair of the AES Study & Training Council.