The GAVI Alliance plans to immunise 130 million kids in poor countries against pneumonia.

The Alliance’s vaccination plans are contained in the Global Actions Plan for the prevention and control of pneumonia , a written report to be presented by WHO and UNICEF on 2 November. The report outlines a thorough prevention and control technique to further reduce the price of pneumonia among kids. Vaccination is part of an integrated strategy that includes antibiotics, oxygen therapy, adequate nutrition and clean drinking water.. 130 million children to be immunised against pneumonia GAVI plan presents ‘historic opportunity’ to immunize 130 million children and further reduce mortalityMarking the initial international World Pneumonia Day on 2 November, the GAVI Alliance plans to immunise 130 million kids in poor countries against pneumonia, the world’s leading child killer.However, such an effect did not occur . In a predefined subgroup analysis restricted to sufferers with an APACHE II score of 13 or higher at randomization, the occurrence of the primary end point did not differ significantly between the two treatment groups . Post hoc subgroup analyses also didn’t show a significant between-group difference in the primary end point for patients with SIRS at randomization or those with a BMI of significantly less than 25 or 35 or even more . No significant distinctions were observed in health care utilization except for the number of tube placements . Discussion This multicenter, randomized trial involving patients with acute pancreatitis who were at risky for complications did not show an early start of nasoenteric tube feeding was superior to the introduction of an oral diet after 72 hours, with tube feeding only when required, in lowering the composite end stage of major loss of life or infection.