They have different proprietary names such as ELVes.

However, you will be able to resume work and normal activities. Avoid exercises and make sure that you keep your legs dry. This is why you should be putting on compression stockings. Some patients might feel discomfort or a tightening feeling for some days. This is normal and the pain is mild. You may take painkillers after consulting your physician. Is there Any Need for Treatment Further? If you are getting treated just to eliminate the symptoms, no further treatment is necessary then.Cumberland, which focuses its commercial distribution initiatives on the U.S. Market, is partnering with a growing set of international pharmaceutical businesses to make its products available outside of the United States. Phebra is Cumberland’s advertising partner in Australia for both Acetadote and Caldolor, Cumberland’s injectable ibuprofen product. Under the agreement between Cumberland and Phebra, Phebra is in charge of ongoing regulatory requirements, marketing, product sales and distribution of Acetadote in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific. Phebra’s sales force will immediately begin reaching out to hospitals to market wide distribution of the product in Australia.