TOO LITTLE Kidney Dialysis Patients Referred for Organ Transplant.

‘So, it’s also possible that we have the lowest referral rate for transplantation as well. We don’t know. Nonetheless it means that our results many not necessarily reflect what’s going on nationally,’ added Patzer, who’s also an assistant professor in the division of transplantation within the section of medical procedures at Emory University’s School of Medicine. Patzer and her colleagues report their findings in the Aug. 11 problem of the Journal of the American Medical Association. More than 600,000 Americans have end-stage renal disease currently, the scholarly study authors said. For them, the first step towards a kidney transplant is often a dialysis middle referral for evaluation at a the nearest transplantation service.As the normal three-shot regimen of hepatitis B vaccine for adults – provided over a six-month period – has long been recommended for pregnant women, that schedule often proved unmanageable throughout a pregnancy. ‘It’s difficult to get all three doses in pregnancy, and folks tend to get dropped to follow-up, high-risk populations especially,’ stated Dr. Jeanne Sheffield, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at UT Southwestern and lead writer of the scholarly study.