Which provides AIDS health care to more than 138.

AHF calls upon US to honor dedication to PEPFAR Doctors and Helps advocates from AIDS Health care Foundation , which provides AIDS health care to more than 138,000 individuals in 23 countries worldwide, will web host a press conference at the International AIDS Meeting in Vienna on Monday, July 19th in 12 noon to reiterate their call on the United States to honor the it is landmark dedication to PEPFAR , the successful US global Helps program. The group will do it again its ask the US Congress to increase PEPFAR funding to make sure that financing for PEPFAR’s lifesaving efforts comes closer to the full $48 billion authorized by Congress in 2008 and urge that US legislators demand accountability so that PEPFAR countries operate their AIDS treatment applications in the most cost effective ways by reducing the amount permitted to be spent on overhead and bureaucracy detox alcohol .

‘As the world’s focus turns to global Helps this week through the International AIDS Conference in Vienna, I can barely think of a more positive move the US will make than to instantly pass and put into action this bill which makes the delivery of lifesaving Helps treatment to sufferers in need the number one priority of PEPFAR. It’s time to end the US’ retreat on global AIDS and the ‘HIV/Helps Save Lives First Act of 2010′ may be the first main part of that direction.’ Earlier this full month, five AIDS treatment clients and medical care suppliers from AHF Healthcare Centers in Uganda visited Washington, D.C. To lobby Congress for improved effectiveness in PEPFAR by limiting the amount spent on treatment, limiting overhead and raising the treatment allocation to 75 percent of all funding..